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Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape

Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape

This LP, which is very much worth owning, is desirable for reasons that are, perhaps, different from those of other LPs that I’ve reviewed recently. More than new issues, or reissues, Just Roll Tape is a historical document. Classic live concerts (Woodstock, various Grateful Dead concert issues) come close to this LP in terms of their importance, but for those of us who grew up listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, this LP is a revelation. read more…

DVD-Audio Penetration Explodes – Over 700 Albums Available

The DVD-Audio Format is seeing exponential growth. To date, over one hundred and sixty DVD-Audio player models are available from more than thirty-five manufacturers. Over fourteen million players are already in the market, far outstripping the sales of competing audio formats, with player sales up 500% on the previous year. read more…

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