Rca rtd207 home theater system



Underpowered performance makes this home theater in a box kit inappropriate for standard sized living rooms; however, the low price tag makes it a serious contender as a bedroom theater kit.

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DIY RCA’s, interconnect cables

DIY RCA’s, interconnect cables

No one would argue these are not interesting times. One of the tiny benefits of times as interesting as these is that there are a lot of great web sites that will guide you through the process of making your own speaker cables, power cords, and interconnects. I have used some of those sites in the past while experimenting with making my own cables and I recommend them as a great staring point. This article is intended to be a next step in DIY wire assembly.

When it comes to your audio system everything makes a difference. I’m sorry to just blurt that out, but it had to be said. If you are of the mind that wires can’t, and therefore don’t, make a difference then you have my envy. You may consider this article a parody and hopefully you can enjoy it as such. What do you do when you hit upon a simple easy way to make great sounding interconnect cables? If you are me, you try to figure out how to make a superior connector to plug them into. read more…

Boston Symphony Orchestra (Munch) – ‘Saint-Saens: Symphony No.3 in C minor, Organ’  An SACD review by Mark Jordan

Boston Symphony Orchestra (Munch) – ‘Saint-Saens: Symphony No.3 in C minor, Organ’ An SACD review by Mark Jordan

The place where most performances of French composer Charles Camille Saint-Saëns’ ‘Third Symphony’ go wrong is on the podium. For such a well-known and popular piece, it is astonishing how truly few outstanding, idiomatic recordings there have been. I have about twenty recordings in my collection, but I would call only a handful of them worthy performances. What’s even more amazing is to see some of the star conductors who have missed the target completely: Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, Eugene Ormandy (at least in his later versions), Jean Martinon, Ernest Ansermet, Seiji Ozawa, Michel Plasson. What most often happens is that the conductor approaches the work as a high romantic blockbuster and attempts to make it as grandiose as possible. But despite the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feel of the finale, Saint-Saëns’ ‘Organ Symphony’ is actually a lithe work. The composer was responding to the spirit of the times in giving his work a grand, often turgid surface, but at heart, Saint-Saëns was a classicist. Conductors who look for a psychological probing of the depths end up bloating the work with baggage that it shouldn’t have to bear. Those few conductors who see past the stereotype of nineteenth century romanticism and treat the work leanly actually end up revealing for more about this elegant yet elusive composer: His reticence itself speaks volumes. The other perennial problem of successfully performing this work is one of virtuosity. It is an orchestral showpiece, but a potentially treacherous one, to be sure. Many performances obsess about hitting the right notes and thus end up missing the “music” completely. Fortunately, the RCA reissue of Charles Munch’s classic Boston Symphony recording from 1959 brings one of the few insightful recordings of this piece to Super Audio Compact Disc, in three-channel sound. read more…

10 RCA Living Stereo SACDs Coming In September

BMG Classics has set September 20th as the release date for 10 newly remastered RCA Living Stereo albums in Hybrid Super Audio CD format in the European market. The Living Stereo recordings are a series of legendary recordings made in the 1950s up through the mid 1960s by RCA to showcase the fidelity and 3D sonics possible with the then-new Stereophonic sound format.

The upcoming release of these albums in Super Audio CD had been long rumored as coming to music stores this fall. But details on the releases started to appear today. read more…


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