Sony unveils six BDXL devices

August 26, in Blu-Ray

It seems like everyone is doing BDXL these days. Sharp has its model, and Panasonic has its models as well.

Sony has just introduced six new 3D Blu-ray recorders that are capable of the BDXL format with 100GB capacity.

The BDZ-AX1000 comes with 1TB of HDD and costs $2,360. The BDZ-AX2000 has 2TB and costs $3,190. They also have two digital TV tuners, DLNA support, two HDMI ports, plus a memory stick/SD card slot.

As for the other models, they range from 1TB for $1,770, 500GB for $1,500, and 320GB for $1,120. The least expensive model is $1,060 and has 500GB HDD, AVC support, as well as a digital TV tuner.

All devices will be selling in Japan on October 22 through 29.


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