Blockbuster Moves Into Games By Mail

Blockbuster is looking to take a piece out of Netflix’s hide–not to mention Gamefly and Redbox’s–by offering games through their DVD By Mail rental service.

This is a move I’ve been saying they need to undertake since last January, proving that someone somewhere pays attention when I talk, even if it does take a little time.

Basically, Blockbuster looks to treat games exactly like movies, in that if you have a three out at a time policy, you can have three games, three movies, or any combination of the two at one time.  There’s no extra cost associated with this, and all the normal rules apply.

This is a terrific idea–Blockbuster’s only real competitor in this area is Gamefly, and Gamefly’s distribution network is a sad joke when matched up against Blockbuster.  Netflix can’t compete in this area–at least can’t yet–and Redbox is still ironing out the kinks of offering the service, last I heard. So if they can get some marketing behind it and let everyone know that, for the time being, they’re pretty much the only all in one mailing service, they can really gain some ground.

And it’s ground they desperately need.