See Real Racing 2 HD on a 1080p external screen

March 28, in Uncategorized

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2, one of the outstanding features that he felt worth bragging about is its ability to do HDMI out.

Considering that there a lot of cool games coming for the iPad 2, it is only appropriate to put them on the big screen TVs that occupy most of our homes. What you are seeing here is a demonstration of Real Racing 2 with HDMI out.

The purpose of this is not to just get a bigger screen that mirrors the iPad 2. You can use the iPad 2 as a secondary display, like if you want to display a map of the track, or something.

So, that is a game that uses the iPad 2 as a secondary screen. In all honesty, that is such a good idea that I don’t see why there won’t be others exactly like it. I wonder if the Xoom tablet is thinking about that for that Vendetta Online game.

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