Samsung Launches A Series Of 3D Blu-ray Players

July 13, in 3d

Recently, Samsung unveiled the upcoming launch of three new 3D Blu-ray players. They’re known as the BD-C5900, BD-C6800 and BD-C7900. Interestingly enough, the BD-C7900 is an updated version of the BD-C6900 model with two HDMI outputs included. Meanwhile, the BD-C6800 apparently carries all specifications of the BD-C6900 with the exception of a porthole on top and it’s a cheaper machine.

Last in the series is the BD-C5900, which lacks the 1GB built-in storage capacity offered in the first 3D two models. The BD-C7900 is available for $399 (MSRP), the BD-C6900 will cost $279 (MSRP) and the BD-C5900 is priced at $229 (MSRP). However, you can find the Samsung BD-C7900 at Amazon and Best Buy right now and the other players are likely to follow in the near future.


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