Samsung 943SWX 19-inch LCD Monitor

March 9, in LCD Monitor

In case you are looking out for a new LCD monitor, then do consider the latest model launched by Samsung. Yes, we are talking about the new Samsung 943SWX 19-inch LCD Monitor. Sporting a 19-inch bright screen, this new monitor comes packed with all the advanced features and functionalities.

Samsung’s 943SWX 19-inch LCD Monitor features FilterBright and 600Hz Subfield Motion. It is capable of delivering a .001ms response time for clear pictures and fast moving scenes. This new monitor can produce 720p high definition resolution. It also incorporates e-panel technology for delivering sharp images and crystal-clear details.

The new Samsung 943SWX 19-inch LCD Monitor also features a wide color enhancer 2. Another great thing about this new monitor is that it is an ENERGY STAR compliant device with an in-built digital tuner that lets you watch over-the-air HD digital broadcasts.

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