Samsung 400UXn-UD Professional LCD Display

December 11, in Displays

Samsung Electronics introduced its new 400UXn-UD Professional LCD Display. Feel free to create a video wall of up to 250 displays with a real-time and dynamic content control on this new LCD display. Sporting a 40-inch display, it incorporates UD software for dynamic control.

Compatible with Samsung MID40 Interlocking Display, the new Samsung 400UXn-UD Professional LCD Display lets you control content from up to 125 source PCs. It also features MagicInfo Pro Extension. Apart from this, it comes fitted with an integrated PC for massive data processing.

Sporting ultra-thin bezels, Samsung 400UXn-UD Professional LCD Display comes with a Natural Mode correction for distortion free displays. You can also use a common gigabit Ethernet switch with this display.

Via: Samsung

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