Salamander Synergy AV furniture

April 2, in Accessories


Salamander Synergy AV furniture

Salamander Synergy AV furniture is custom-designed to accommodate all your Home Theater and Audio Visual components into an organized, sleek kine of wood cabinets. No matter how many components you have or how complex your Home Theater set up is, Salamander Synergy has furniture than can create organization and style out of what might otherwise be a welter of buttons and AV cables. Features like removable rear panels, plasma mounts, infinite shelf adjustability, and Saturn wheels make setting up your equipment and getting at it for maintenance and upgrades a simple and convenient task.

Perforated steel doors mask you speakers and allow for sound the passe easily, while at the same time providing adequate ventilation and creating a crisp modern look. Polished aluminum feet and knobs add elegance and interest. Salamander Synergy is available in a number of mix and match component pieces which retail for between $999 and $1499 each.

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