QNAP Launches A New Network Multimedia Player

September 30, in Media

Since the previous release of their NMP-1000 seen at CeBIT 2009, QNAP now follows up a year and a half later with their latest network, multimedia player called the NMP-1000P, which features 1080p. Although the outer body design seems to resemble that of the previous model, the specifications within have definitely been updated.

Therefore, this new version boasts a Sigma Designs SMP8643 SoC, a 667MHz CPU with floating point processor, support for 1080/24p playback and WiFi integration if you’re willing to add an extra adapter. There’s also a revised user interface, local and internet-based content streaming, space to install a 3.5-inch SATA hard drive and compatibility for nearly every existing file format out there. However, no information concerning price or a release date is currently available, though.


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