Introducing The Klipsch AudioRock Outdoor Speaker

Recently, Klipsch developed an add-on speaker called the AudioRock. It’s designed to work easily with the wireless Klipsch LightSpeaker System outside without the need for an A/V receiver or speaker wires underground. This speaker is also equipped with a built-in wireless receiver, allowing it to sync with the LightSpeaker’s 2.4GHz wireless transmitter.

Furthermore, you can connect two music sources such as an iPod, PC or TV to the transmitter and set up two separate, listening areas in the same general location. For example, you could have classic rock in the dining room with the LightSpeaker and Rhythm & Blues playing in the basement with the AudioRock. In addition to this, the AudioRock is optimally tuned for open-air environments and provides balanced stereo sound.

Other specifications of this speaker include a UV-protected enclosure, dual 0.75-inch polypropylene tweeters for crisp highs and a dual voice coil 5.25-inch injection molded polypropylene woofer for deep lows. The high and low-frequency drivers operate at a 20-degree upward angle to deliver excellent sound quality when you position them at ground level. However, it’s very important to note that you must have the Klipsch LightSpeaker System in order to use the AudioRock and both of them are sold separately. The LightSpeaker System is priced at $599.99 while the AudioRock itself is available for $199.