Power A Creates A Wireless PS3 Controller With The Style Of The X-Box 360

June 15, in Console Gaming

Recently, Power A developed a new wireless controller for the PS3. According to Gizmodo, it’s the best controller ever for the Sony console because its shape and body is different from a regular PlayStation controller. It actually shares many similarities with the X-Box 360 controller.

This new controller is called the PS3 Pro Elite, which is priced at $50. It has a left analog stick on the top left, a D-Pad on the bottom, palm parts on the lower areas and an outer coating for better grip and less stress on your hands when in use. However, it lacks the 360’s shoulder buttons and triggers. As for classic PlayStation style, you still have the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons to deal with. The device comes with six-axis capabilities as well.

Furthermore, the PS3 Pro Elite also features glowing buttons and true wireless capability with the dongle included. But Power A is offering an even less expensive controller for $20 too. This version comes without six-axis while still retaining most of the 360 style’s fine qualities for secondary, tertiary and quaternary functions. Sounds like Sony should have been taking lessons from Microsoft when they first started designing their gaming controller.


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