PlayOn Feature Now Available On The Roku Box

October 26, in Uncategorized

If you’re a current fan or customer of Roku, then you might be interested in a new service option they’re providing called PlayOn. This feature gives you access to online media content from Hulu, PBS, TBS, ESPN, CNN, and YouTube among others. However, you’ll have to pay $34.99 for the first year if you choose to have this feature and then you’ll be facing a $19.99 annual fee after that.

Oh, and the fun (or frustrating) requirements don’t stop there! You’ll also have to make sure that your computer shares the same network as the Roku before you can access any of the media content. Is it just me or is Roku really not making a great business decision here with PlayOn? Seriously, who’d actually want to pay $34.99 for a first year of streaming video and then keep paying $19.99 annually just to keep the feature? There are many far cheaper options for streaming out there, so don’t expect people to flock to this one in huge droves, Roku.


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