Panasonic Offers An Affordable BDXL Blu-ray Recorder

November 3, in Blu-Ray

If you’re interested in scoring a Blu-ray recorder that gives you 100GB of storage capacity for content on a single BDXL disc for a reasonable price, check out this offer from Panasonic. The company has announced the release of a BDXL Blu-ray recorder called the DMR-BR585, which carries a built-in 320GB HDD.

Furthermore, the retail price for this device is $780, which apparently is considered affordable for such a machine. I guess the company thinks that consumers commonly have more than $700 to spend on a BDXL Blu-ray recorder. Anyway, Panasonic currently intends to produce 48,000 units of the Blu-ray recorder monthly.

The DMR-BR585 has the capability to copy content from the hard disc to Blu-ray and vice versa, which introduces the possibility of recording TV programs and video-on-demand content. It also features an HDMI interface, a USB port and Ethernet as well. Thus, the DMR-BR585 will become available in Japan on November 25 but Panasonic hasn’t officially discussed the possibility of international sales at this point.


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