Onkyo BR-925 CD/HDD receiver system

March 31, in Audio

BR-925 CD/HDD receiver system

BR-925 CD/HDD receiver system

As a leader in audio/video components and home theater systems, Onkyo has designed its new BR-925 CD/HDD receiver system around the Blackfin® BF532 convergent processor from Analog Devices. Onkyo’s, stated philosophy is to “deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence,” opted for the Blackfin processor for its ability to meet specific design goals for the BR-925 digital audio system. These aims included a rich set of features, connectivity capabilities, and the type of incomparable sound quality usually affiliated with more expensive systems.

The BR-925 gives Onkyo’s customers a well priced, feature-rich compact digital audio system with amazing sound quality. It can store up to 20,000* tracks of high-quality digital music and users can rip audio files from CDs or a USB storage device directly to the system’s HDD. This receiver can also record directly from radio sources and transfer audio files from a PC via file transfer protocol (FTP). To access their music files, the user simply plugs the device into the receiver’s USB port to listen at home or to download and go.

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