Oakley Shows Off Tron 3D Glasses

October 28, in 3d

3D display technology is quickly becoming all the rage when it comes to home theaters. Of course, due to their usually high priced many have viewed them as luxuries instead of necessities. However, as time goes on and the prices drop we will begin seeing 3D displays in more and more homes meaning hardware manufacturers will be releasing more accessories for them.

One such accessory has been made known today from Oakley that will coincide nicely with the new Tron movie on its way. What exactly is this accessory you ask? Well, Tron branded Oakley 3D glasses of course, as you can see in the picture above.

According to Oakley, these glasses are designed to create a more pleasant viewing experience by giving better 3D alignment and peripheral viewing than similar glasses. Only downside? Well, Oakley says the glasses will retail $150 but that’s only a small price to pay to be the coolest looking Tron fan on the block, right?

via engadget

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