Nintendo Reveals Release Date For The 3DS

July 29, in Console Gaming

Since their presentation at E3 a while back, Nintendo has certainly been gearing up to wow consumers with their new 3DS portable gaming console. Of course, it also helps the renowned gaming company that they have the promise of glasses-free 3D capacity in their corner concerning the new handheld device. So far, all who’ve had the chance to try the new DS gaming machine have been impressed with its 3D capabilities. Well, after weeks of speculation, Nintendo has finally revealed the official release for the 3DS. For those of you dying to get your hands on this portable, gaming console, the wait is over on September 29.

That’s just two months away, DS gamers! You can hold out until then, right? Hey, if you’ve got a Wii or DS unit, then keep them fired up and don’t let them get covered with dust! Anyway, the most significant concern for consumers is not the release date but the actual price for the 3DS. Considering the software and hardware involved with this handheld gaming device, it ain’t gonna be cheap most likely. There is speculation that the retail price could range from $200 to $300. But Nintendo is still known for offering some of the lowest prices for gaming out there on the market so the 3DS is likely to be released for under $300. Stay tuned along with us, dear readers. The actual sales price is bound to surface sooner or later. Thank goodness for the Internet.


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