NEC Creates The Brightest LED-Based Projector Ever Made

June 12, in Projector

NEC Display Solutions recently announced their development of a LED-based projector. Apparently, it’s capable of reaching a brightness up to at least 200 lm, making it the brightest LED-based projector in the world. This projector also has a wide color gamut and is able to display ninety-eight percent of the color gamut, according to the Adobe RGB standard.

Furthermore, NEC said that a regular front projector can only display a little more than sixty percent of the color gamut. However, they haven’t given details about the technology involved in creating their new projector. But they were willing to name the toughest challenges they faced in the design process, which were temperature control of LEDs and the adjustment of white balance.

Interestingly enough, NEC isn’t releasing this projector on the market for quite a while. Currently, they aim to increase its brightness to 3000-4000 lm.


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