Microvision Announces Updated ShowWX Plus Pico Projector

November 23, in Portable

While they may not feature the highest resolution, pico projectors give consumers the ability to project an image an a fun and effective manner. However, as technology increases overall so does the technology manufacturers have managed to stuff into these extremely small projectors. Of course the day where we will see ultra bright 1080p pico projectors is still a ways off, but we’re certainly getting there.

Today Microvision has come forth to announce their ShowWX Plus laser pico projector. This mini projector features 50% more brightness than the original Show WX and has a 848 x 480 WVGX resolution, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio and a $449 price tag.

You can pick the Microvision ShowWX Plus laser prico projector up now from Microvision’s web store, here.

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