LG 60PV450 Plasma Television Review-Tell The Budget Where To Get Off

March 22, in LG

We were fiscally responsible yesterday, folks, offering up a good budget Samsung, but today we will respond to our budget with the bird as we take a look at the LG 60PV450, a hefty, substantial plasma television with plenty to like about it.

The LG 60PV450 is a sixty inch 1080p plasma television that offers a surprising 600Hz refresh rate, Intelligent Sensor to automatically adjust the picture for you based on conditions in the room, three AV modes to further adjust settings according to use, Picture Wizard so you can perform your own adjustments to taste, dual XD engines for improved picture quality, the 24p Real Cinema mode for improved movie viewing, two ten watt speakers backed up by Dolby Digital decoders, Clear Voice II and Infinite Sound, the Simplink system to keep all your LG components running off one remote, three HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, a PC input, a USB port, and an optical digital audio output.

Clearly there’s plenty of reason to be happy here. Between a great picture and sound (backed up with loads of extras) and an almost equal willingness to play well with old and new components alike, there’s virtually no reason to complain about the LG 60PV450.

I emphasize virtually, of course, because of two key issues. One, there is no streaming on this television, and that’s unfortunate. Not a huge problem thanks to the various set-top boxes out there, but an issue nonetheless, especially in light of the second issue, the price tag.

The folks out at Amazon want a fairly substantial $1386.69 for this, and that’s before shipping. Though it’s marked down about a third, it’s still pretty pricey, and frankly, at that cost I expect it to handle a little more than today’s material.

Still though, if you go this route, you shouldn’t be terribly disappointed by the LG 60PV450, a television that will make your Blu-rays and DVDs and video games look terrific, even if you’ll have to make special considerations down the road for the day where physical media isn’t in the picture any more.

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  1. Lee April 11, at 5:42 am

    The only one complain….it’s not a 1080p screen panel as advertised, just 720p. I was HAD by Lg years ago when I made the purschase…..


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