LG 46LD550 LCD Television Review-A Decently Priced Addition To Your Home Theater

January 18, in LCD

Today we’re splitting off of LED televisions to check out a representative out of the LG camp, the LG 46LD550. And you’ll likely be impressed by the kind of show this television will put on.

The LG 46LD550 is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television that offers internet connectivity for access to a whole lot of content options (this one actually includes Vudu, which is a little odd given that this is an LG–I thought Vudu was more Walmart specific), TruMotion 120 Hz to cut down on blurring in high speed video, Intelligent Sensor to automatically adjust picture according to light levels in the room, Picture Wizard to adjust other settings, three different AV modes to reduce blurring according to the situation, two ten watt speakers with Dolby Digital decoders and Infinite Sound, four HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, one RF input, two USB inputs, and a headphone jack.

Nice, nice, nice–you’ve got to love this system. Sure, it’s not as big as some sets you’ll find, but the picture you’ll get is hard to deny. The sound isn’t so good as some either–two ten watts only go so far–but the extra augmentation is a pretty good help too. It plays about as well with your new gear as it does with the old and the addition of internet access is always welcome so you can get in on the streaming party early.

The folks out at Amazon will sell these for eight hundred fifty bucks, which is actually pretty good for a system like this.

So if you’re looking for a decently priced addition to your home theater system, the LG 46LD550 should be one worth checking into further.

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