Is 3D Capability Coming To The X-Box 360 Soon?

June 12, in 3d

With E3 kicking off this weekend, the major gaming companies are poised to impress consumers and journalists with their latest stuff. Of course, Sony has plans to update the PS3 with 3D capability. Is Microsoft ready to compete with that? Recently, Blitz Games co-founder Andrew Oliver said that Microsoft has an announcement in the works concerning 3D display for their console.

Obviously, E3 is the ideal place to turn heads with that kind of announcement. However, Sony already has a small roster of 3D PS3 games scheduled for release with their upcoming Move motion controller. Microsoft does have Project Natal as their strategy for breaking into the motion controller market. But will they have playable 3D games compatible with Natal to show at E3? Having actual 360 titles to present for 3D gaming might be the key for Microsoft to gain the confidence of their customers.

In the near future, we’ll see if either video game company really has the goods to back up their claims about 3D gaming.


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