Introducing The Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System

November 6, in Audio

Recently, Pro-idee introduced the Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System, which is a splashproof, protection class IPX4 wireless loudspeaker. Mainly, it’s intended for use in places like a garden, swimming pool, or your next party at a social club. This loudspeaker is equipped with 3-channel technology, which means that if one channel is being occupied and unavailable, you can switch to one that’s open without having to find a frequency.

Furthermore, the sound you get from the loudspeaker is radio transmitted on the 864MHz frequency. More specifically, the loudspeaker system itself consists of two 1.25-inch tweeters and a 4-inch bass loudspeaker and consumes 30W. In addition to this, sound volume is easily adjustable on the loudspeaker or at the sound source. There are also two different sources of power for the loudspeaker system: 8 D-cell batteries that deliver eight hours of music or by using the 12V mains adapter. However, unlike the 12V mains adapter, the 8 D-cell batteries are not included. Thus, the Portable Wireless Loudspeaker System is available for $186.


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