Creative sbs260 speakers



If you have virtually no money to spend on speakers and you just want something to allow you to hear things like interviews, some music and regular game sounds then these will suit you fine.

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Creative SBS260 Speakers: Cheap Speakers that Deliver on Sound

Great value for the low, low price.

First of all let me start by saying that you cannot expect $10-$20 speakers to give you the kind of sound that 200-$300+ speakers would give. That is a given. The Creative SBS260 speakers are not for the true audiophiles out there, but for people who are just looking for an office type speaker that will make everyday computer stuff more fun then these are great.

These are very small speakers and for the money you are getting a lot. The built in front bass port helps to boost the quality of the bass and I love the fact that you can control the speakers from the front. All of the knobs you need are on the front panel, so you do not have to reach around at odd angles to adjust the sound.

I also appreciated the extra headphone jack, I always look for this when checking out computer speakers. The Creative SBS260 speakers are pretty nice looking too. They have a black plastic casing and the speaker covers are gray, it is a nice rich looking contrast.

Setting these puppies up is a breeze, just plug them in and you can listen to anything that you want. But when you first hook them up, make sure the volume is down nice and low, then turn on some music. You can then set it to the appropriate volume without worrying about blowing them out. And if they sound really tinny at first don’t worry too much, a little fiddling with the graphic equalizer should have things all sorted out quickly.

That is not to say that these speakers can produce theater or even home stereo type sound, but they will sound good at a moderate volume. The sound could be a little fuller and richer, but these are $10-$20 speakers! For that kind of money these downright rock!

To wrap up, just don’t expect $600 Bose sound from these Creative SBS260 speakers. If all you want is to be able to listen to some tunes at a moderate level while you work, or hear the cute little sounds your computer makes when opening new programs etc. etc. then these will do just fine.

Technical Info:

Model: 51MF0055AA000

Device Type: PC multimedia 2 speaker system

Speaker Power: 2.5 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels)

Dimensions (Satellite Speakers):9.9cm x 9.2cm x 17.3cm

Frequency Response: 90Hz ~ 20kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 75dB

MSRP: $20

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