Hollywoods Unions Lobbying For Stronger Antipiracy Laws

August 23, in Content

Another hit to the torrent crew comes with the announcement that Hollywood’s union bosses are moving on Washington to get stronger antipiracy laws put in place.

On the last day of a comment period designed to get input on where the FCC should go in policing and protecting the Internet, the unions sent a letter off that read, in part:

“Companies engaged in the production and distribution of audiovisual works and sound recordings employ hundreds of thousands of people, with many and scores of communities relying on large-scale film and television productions for their income,” union officials stated in their letter to the commission. “However, the jobs of the guilds and unions’ members …are put at serious risk by online entities that are facilitating the theft of intellectual property.”

This basically boils down to: “we want more restrictions placed on the Internet”. But what the union bosses seem bound and determined to ignore are the sheer variety of issues driving the impact to their income, as everything from a bad economy to changes in people’s viewing habits alters the landscape. They instead have chosen to focus on piracy as the solution to their problems, and it’s likely an incomplete solution at best.


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