Hitachi Unveils New Professional LCD Projectors

February 6, in Projector

Hitachi Corporation Japan, has unveiled three new Professional LCD Projectors optimized to deliver superior performance. The Hitachi’s new line up includes the CP-X10000J, CP-WX11000J and CP-SX12000J Projectors. All projectors give varied interchangeable lens options, to match different business environments from a small conference room to large Convention Hall.

The CP-WX11000J offers up to 1366 ? 800 high resolution WXGA output, while CP-WX12000J and CP-SX10000J deliver High Resolution SXGA+ video projection. The projectors feature an effective 4-layer filter to resist dust ensuring longevity and less intervention. However, the feature-packed projector array bears scorching price tags, out of our reach with the very first model costing around 13000€.


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