Coby DVD988 Soundbar Review-Surprisingly Good Value

October 6, in Audio

Coby has provided us with several interesting pieces in the past–they do a surprisingly good job with the whole “good product at low prices” thing, which is great if you want good quality product but your budget can’t take a whole lot of strain.  And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Coby DVD988.

The Coby DVD988 is a three hundred watt soundbar that offers an included DVD player that handles a variety of playback options, a digital AM/FM radio tuner, a hundred and fifty watt subwoofer, support for Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard memory cards as well as a USB port, a stereo audio input, an S-video input, two digital outputs, a stereo audio output, an A/V output and a component video output.

What makes this even better than some of the earlier models we’ve discussed this week is that the Coby DVD988 will also pack in a DVD player, making it a complete all in one home theater system.  Admittedly, the sound quality with this isn’t as good as some I’ve heard (nor was it likely intended to be), but the value for the price is downright impressive. How impressive, you wonder?

The folks out at Best Buy want a truly meager hundred and twenty dollars for this. And when you consider you get a full home theater setup out of that hundred and twenty dollars, about the only way to do better is to go used on eBay.

Is it the best home theater you’ll see? Not by a long shot. Is it the best value you’ll see?  There may be better, but this one definitely ranks on the list. The Coby DVD988 will provide decent quality sound and quite a few extras into an incredible price tag, and that definitely makes it worth your while to consider.

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