Definitive Technology SSA-42BLA Soundbar Review-Great Sound In Tight Spaces

If there’s one thing I really love when it happens, it’s finding something new, or at least, so rare that I don’t remember the last time I took it on. Coby, Samsung, Sony, even Bose to a lesser extent–these are names I know I’ve tackled.  Definitive Technology, on the other hand, is a different issue entirely.  And today we’re tackling the Definitive Technology SSA-42BLA, and it’s a whole lot better than you’d expect from a name you’ve likely never heard before.  But the Definitive Technology SSA-42BLA comes with one extra name you have heard, and will be amazed to hear: Magnolia.

Yes, the Definitive Technology SSA-42BLA is a Magnolia product, and as such, there’s plenty to like here. The Definitive Technology SSA-42BLA is a 5.1 channel sound bar that offers fully a hundred and seventy five watts per channel of power, four high-output surround drivers, SSA Surround and Spatial Array technology, frequency response between sixty hertz and thirty kilohertz, which is a pretty terrific range, and eight ohms impedance.

As is generally the case with most any Magnolia system, you can count on two things: incredible sound quality and a huge price tag. You’ll get both here.  While I can’t definitively state the sound quality beyond mere words (“sure sounded awesome to me” is all fine and well, but it only says so much), I can clearly quantify the huge price tag: try eight hundred bucks.

If you want incredible home theater sound and you have a whole lot more cash in your wallet than space in your apartment, you’ll definitely want to have a listen to the Definitive Technology SSA-42BLA.