Cadence CSB-F3 sound bar

April 5, in Audio

Cadence CSB-F3 sound bar

The Cadence CSB-F3 front stage sound bar is a stylish, clean and uncluttered 3-channel speaker solution for any home theater system where superior left + center + right channel response is called for in a 5.1 system. The cabinet is cast from a singular piece of high tinsel internally dampened aluminum that sports a unique tapered shape which helps to avoid standing waves and other anomalies which can downgrade sound quality.

The tweeters are affixed on the outside of the bar on an off-axis location so they can be aimed up to 15 degrees for finer reflection in your room. The Neodymium drivers set up in the CSB-F3 have been specifically designed and engineered to have crystal clear full range response. Your Cadence CSB-F3 will fill your home theater with concert sound. Retails for around $489.95

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