AMIMON WHDI Stick PC to TV Streamer

October 13, in Accessories

AMIMON WHDI STICK AMIMON, a fabless semiconductor company, launched WHDI Stick™ – (Wireless Home Digital Interface), which would set new standards for high-definition wireless video connectivity. Available in Transmitter-Receiver Set, WHDI Stick is a new product that is expected to flow content wirelessly from PC to TV.

WHDI Stick is based on AMIMON’s AMN2120 WHDI Tx IC, and its products are amenable with WHDI™ standards. This will make it easy for users to play their PC games and interactive content on their television screens now.

The best thing about WHDI Stick is that it is a plug-n-play product and doesn’t require any installation. With its 81.3×29.9×15.5 mm transmitter size, the WHDI Stick is one of the smallest WHDI product designed so far.

Moreover, it offers superior image quality in-room and multi-room HD wireless link. The product maintains HDCP revision 2.0, which allows better security along with safeguarding the digital content.

Many of the products using WHDI technology have already arrived in the market. It is expected that the WHDI Stick will accelerate the growth of the WHDI products because more consumers would be able to connect their PC’s to their HDTV easily.

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