Yamaha Soavo-1(BP) / Soavo-03 Speakers


Yamaha simultaneously launched Soavo-1(BP) and Soavo-03 Speakers. The
floor-type high-end speakers offer optimal sound quality bundled in
attractive designs. A treat for audiophiles, the Soavo 1 produces
clear and loud sound with the 3 ways 4-speaker constitution. Its
unique design diminishes unnecessary resonance and controls sound. The
Soavo 1 supports 6ohm impedance, banana plug corresponding screw
system, 450Hz and 4.5kHz crossover frequency and 200W largest input.
Whereas, its counterpart Soava 3 features 6 ohm impedance, 160W
largest input, 450Hz and 4.5kHz crossover frequency and banana plug
corresponding screw system. It perfectly balances sound with one
sub-woofer and also removes unnecessary resonance for producing high
sound quality. As for the price, the 29.5Kg Soava1 is available for
210,000 Yen and the 26.5 Kg Soava 3 will retail for 138,600 Yen.