Yamaha hs50m

Yamaha hs50m studio monitor


The HS50M offers virtually flat frequency response on both ends of the audio spectrum. Both its fit and finish are top notch, and the included trim features allow for easy manipulation of unwanted sound. As can be expected from such a small cone, the low end bass is only mediocre. But for such an attractive price, the HS50M proves a hard bargain to beat.

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Yamaha HS50M Studio Monitor

The HS50M offers near flat frequency response; yet its low end capacity leaves room for improvement.

The first thing you’ll notice about the HS50M near field studio monitor, is the futuristicYamaha insignia stamped beneath a snow white 5” cone. Give it a little juice and that logo slowly illuminates with a wash of soft white light. The black on white color scheme extends to the monitor’s flat front fascia, wraps seamlessly around its rounded corners then stops along the rear to incorporate a myriad of details that are etched in silver script. Its rear is as impressive as its front.

Yamaha hs50m back

The HS50M accepts both XLR and ¼ phone jack connectors that can be used with either balanced or unbalanced input. Along with the standard controls the monitor also offers Low Cut, Mid EQ, and High Trim switches to adjust the level of each respective frequency range. For those of us with home studio setups, the monitor also offers its own Room Control switch, which helps minimize unwanted reflections caused by adjacent walls. I found this feature extremely helpful when used in an apartment based studio setup. Without the aid of a powered sub, the HS50M is made responsible for low end bass response. It does an adequate job, but that extra low level output causes nearby walls, windows etc. to rattle ever so lightly, which adds unwanted coloration to the sound. The Room Control switch did not remedy this problem entirely, but by switching on its “-4db” setting, the range below 500Hz was axed substantially, thus trimming phantom bass from the overall mix.


In both a Pro Tools and M Audio setup the HS50M performs with the fervor of an Olympian. At a mere 5 inches, its bass response is adequate, but for the most accurate overall mix, I recommend the purchase of an external sub enclosure. The monitor’s low end shortcomings are overshadowed by its crisp midrange sound and shimmering high end reproductions. The HS50M’s handsome aural appointments are further underscored by its chic exterior design. Flat never looked, or sounded so good. Sorry Janis.

Technical Info:

LF: magnetic shielding type 5” cone

HF: magnetic shielding type ¾” cone

Max 70W Bi amplified high power

Price: $250

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