Yamaha Announces The New Aventage Series For A/V Receivers

Today, Yamaha announced the launch of a new product line of A/V receivers called Aventage, which features new models redesigned from scratch to deliver better performance. This new series will be the fourth one to date that the company has developed for A/V receivers. Previously product lines from Yamaha include RX-V, HTR, and NeoHD. Furthermore, the Aventage line contains five upcoming models known as the RX-A700, RX-A800, RX-A1000, RX-A2000 and the RX-A3000.

According to Crave, the RX-A700 doesn’t come with much in terms of new features but its 27.56 pound weight could be promising “beefier sonic capabilities”. Meanwhile, the RX-A3000 stands above the other models as the highest quality receiver with a multitude of features such as two HDMI outputs, eight HDMI inputs, built-in HD radio, networking capabilities, and HQV video processing.

Thus, you can expect to see these new Yamaha A/V receivers hitting shelves throughout August and September. The RX-A3000 is valued at $1,900, the RX-A2000 is priced at $1,500, RX-A1000 will cost $1,100, the RX-A800 is $800 for retail while the cheapest model of the bunch, the RX-A700 will be available for $650.