Whos The Big Name In British VoD? Turns Out, Nobody

I know, that’s sort of a head scratcher, isn’t it?  But when I was reading about the British video on demand market over at The Guardian, I discovered that there are so many names over there right now gunning for a slice of that particular pie that no one’s coming out a clear winner.

Sure, YouTube’s in there and slugging hard, and Hulu’s got a presence too, even though they’re shooting themselves in the foot by demanding exclusive content rights in an era where they could fall apart tomorrow.  You may think that’s unlikely, but anyone remember Joost?

Yeah, I thought you did.

Joost may still be in operation, but considering they’ve hobbled their own viewer, I don’t think anyone’s going to be in a rush to get THEM exclusive content any time soon either.

Oddly, the biggest deal in VoD right now is from individual television providers themselves, like Channel 4’s so-called 4oD, or, Four on Demand.  And if that sticks around, the networks over here may well take a cue to address their own financial shortfalls.