What Was Hulus Most Popular Video of 2009?

That’s one of the great things about wrapping up a year, folks–you get to look back AND look ahead and each is just as newsworthy as the other.

But it’s a good question, regardless of the ease with which it was generated–what WAS the most popular video on Hulu in 2009?  A bit of Saturday Night Live, maybe?  A clip from The Office?  As it turns out, it was the first one.

It was called “Motherlover”, from Saturday Night Live, and it featured two buddies trying to figure out what to get their mothers for Mother’s Day, when they realized that their moms could use a bit of companionship for the holiday, and whilst dating their OWN mothers would be a thing of squick too large to comprehend…

…spending some “quality time” with each OTHER’S mother was perfectly fair game.

The original is on Hulu, and you can find SEVERAL versions of it, some with lyrics, on YouTube, which I present for you here.  Enjoy!