Warner Music Releases 3 Local Artist SACDs in Hong Kong

Earlier this year, we told you about BMG/RCA’s release of 4 Stereo SACDs in the Hong Kong market. These albums featured 3 international artists and 1 local soundtrack. You can read the High Fidelity Review news story on the BMG/RCA Hong Kong SACD releases here.

Taking a somewhat different approach, Warner Music’s Hong Kong label has released 3 new SACDs by local Hong Kong artists. These new SACDs are:

  • SACD Best Collection – Tasai Chin (2 SACD Set)
  • SACD Collection – Danny Chan
  • SACD Collection – Sally Yeh

    Not The First Releases
    Checking further, we learned that these 3 new SACDs are not the first ones that Warner Hong Kong has released. Prior Warner Hong Kong SACDs have included a Greatest Hits album by George Lam as well as an SACD by Dave Wong. As with the new Warner Hong Kong SACDs, these are also exclusively by local artists.

    The 3 new Warner Hong Kong SACDs are available in record stores in Hong Kong as well as the YesAsia.Com web site.