Vudu to Offer Pandora, Flickr and Picasa to Connected HDTVs

In case you want to use your HDTV for anything else but watching TV then get ready to embrace Vudu’s new offers. The company has confirmed that it plans to bring various services straight to your TV as long as it’s a connected one. These services are Pandora, Flickr and Picasa which I am sure you’re familiar with already. Unfortunately not every HDTV out there will be able to access them just yet. Flickr and Picasa will be available on HDTVs made by LG or Mitsubishi while Pandora will be available only on HDTVs from Mitsubishi.

Vudu will deliver even more applications to your connected HDTV in the near future so stay tuned as we’ll keep tabs on Vudu for you.

via Vudu