Vizio Still Tops in Q2; Samsung Gaining

Vizio continues its amazing run by being the king among the LCD HDTV manufacturers after the second quarter thanks to its large shipments for a 21.7% share. But while that is an achievement, it is no safe margin as far as the other companies are concerned. And one company that is closely gaining headway is that of Samsung Electronics with 21.3%. This was an improvement from its previous numbers of 17.8%, largely due to its new LED sets.

Now that is something Vizio may want to consider. Though it has blossomed into being the leader in the LCD HDTV dramatically, the other pioneers may be catching up to them sooner than they think. And if they are not careful, they may just dip to a lower spot should they become careless. This makes you wonder if Vizio may have a new moniker in mind. If so, that should be something that can help them keep their lead if not provide distance between them and the other brands like Samsung.

(Source) Engadget HD