Verizon to Bring Cable TV Competition to all of New York City

Verizon Communications Inc., New York has recently reiterated its commitment towards the people of New York by declaring its intentions to provide quality cable services all around New York. Nearly 3.1 billion households of New York are expected to be benefited with this cable service from Verizon, as it will provide viewers with real and quality TV choices. By installing advanced FiOS fiber-optics network system across New York, Verizon is all set revolutionize TV viewing in a grand way.

"We have the people, knowledge, resources and dedication to service to do the job and build our FiOS fiber-optic system in every New York City neighborhood…….We are eager to bring cable TV competition to the entire city. We know that residents here have but one choice for a wire line cable provider – the cable monopoly that happened to be granted a franchise to operate in their neighborhood," said Thomas Dunne, Vice President for Government Affairs, Verizon, New York.

Verizon Communications Inc., with it’s headquarter in New York, has been a leader in the telecommunication sector providing broadband as well as other wire line and wireless network across America. With its commitment to deliver advanced video and broadband services across the neighborhoods of New York, it is going to provide great TV viewing experience to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.

This venture by Verizon will provide the city with an access to FiOS TV this year and a state-of-the-art ‘Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP)’ network within the next 6 years. As Verizon’s wire centers are being upgraded to being video-capable, it is believed that it will house and provide the people with an all-digital lineup of 400 plus channels and a 10,000 plus video-on-demand selections library. Apart from all these, Verizon has also committed to contribute to the educational, municipality, security and technological front of the city.