Two New Multi-channel Releases from Opus3 Records

Opus3 Records are to release two more titles from their back-catalogue. From jazz artist Eric Bibb comes ‘Good Stuff’ (catalogue number: CD 19623), and Tiny Island’s disc of the same name ‘Tiny Island’ (catalogue number: CD 19824).

Tiny Island’s solo (without Eric Bibb) release features instrumental music composed by members of the band with the exception of one piece by Taj Mahal. Bibb’s career goes from strength-to-strength and his Opu3 releases on CD and SACD have been widely acclaimed.

About Opus3 Records:

Opus3 Records is an independent Swedish company dedicated to recording timeless acoustic music such as jazz, folk and classical. Their aim is to reproduce voices and instruments as naturally and accurately as possible. To attain this goal Opus3 choose recording environments with good natural ambience, then the positioning of the musicians is planned so that the best possible musical communication between them and the environment. Opus3 avoid all forms of artificial electronic manipulation that could degrade the natural sound.

Opus3 is the brainchild of producer and recording engineer Jan-Eric Persson.