Two Key Problems With Google As Digital Video Vendor

Folks, I admit that I had not considered this particular note of import when I was writing up Google as streaming video purveyor yesterday, and I probably should have, but thanks to the Motley Fool, I got a little bit of insight that says that YouTube as a streaming video vendor might be more problematic than one expects.

There are two very big things that will stand in the way of YouTube as streaming vendor.

1. Pay for YouTube? Are you out of your mind? That’s likely to be a common refrain.  You’d have to offer some SERIOUS product in order to get people interested in leaving the free buffet for the VIP snack table.  Look, let’s be clear here–there’s already so much grey-area content on YouTube that it’s not even funny.  Stuff you can’t get on DVD or anywhere else (studios, pay attention, this is a HUGE problem) is there–want an episode of Big Guy and Rusty?  The Men In Black animated series?  Herman’s Head?  Check YouTube, because you won’t find it on DVD.

2. Who’s got two hours to blow on YouTube? That’s the OTHER common refrain.  Look, most people on YouTube aren’t there for two, three hours unless they’re at work or something.  They’re in and out, grabbing a few short video bites to perk up their day.  A quick go-round with the sneezing panda or something.  Getting people interested in two hours on YouTube watching ONE THING goes against a lot of people’s grain.

So that’s going to be two big, key components that YouTube’s going to have to overcome to get its piece of the streaming market.