Two Diamond Vision Screens Installed at Nakayama Racecourse

Widescreen and modern large-scaled LCD screens are normally present for special events these days. We even saw one hit by an actual football recently and now Mitsubishi has installed two multi-screen Diamond Vision large scale display systems at the Nakayma Racecourse. Called the Turf Vision, the new screens will be powered up this September 12, the opening of the Fourth Nakayama Keiba.

The Turf Vision incorporates high-luminance LEDs and latest digital screen controllers which are expected to display HD video content. The Turf Vision 1 screen (1,650”) will be installed on the left side to display separate content such as results while the Turf Vision 2 (649”) will be located at the right-hand side will be displaying the race track, paddock and the odds.

(Source) Press