Toshiba BDX2500 and BDX2700 Blu-ray Players

Toshiba has unveiled a couple of its own Blu-ray players with the introduction of the Toshiba BDX2500 and the Toshiba BDX2700 Blu-ray players. They both come with WiFi connectivity, Netflix and VUDU movies support and can stream music via the Pandora Internet radio.

Other features of these Toshiba Blu-ray players include support for full HD 1080p at 24 fps for Blu-ray disc playback, HD audio support, HDMI connection, 7.1 channel analog audio outputs as well as USB port and SD/SDHC card slot options. The BDX2500 will retail for $179.99 while the BDX-2700 will cost $249.99.