Todays Big Surprise: Warner, Fox Want Redbox Lawsuit Dismissed

Say it with me, everybody: nooooooo!

Apparently, the boys out at Warner and Fox don’t think that creating an embargo and refusing to sell to one customer and only one customer is doing any damage to anybody.

Go figure, huh?

The salient from Fox goes like this–the Redbox case against Fox:

“…does not allege harm to inter-brand competition, does not allege market-wide injury to competition and does not allege a plausible antitrust market.”

Warner said something similar, actually, and neither of their cases makes a whole lot of sense.  How could it be anything but, when you look at it?  They refuse to sell to only one client?  Isn’t that pretty much like saying, sorry, Redbox, but you’re entirely too female for us to sell to?

Admittedly, I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but this definitely looks like the kind of thing that should be an easy win for Redbox’s lawyers.  And you know they’ve got plenty of cash to wage a lawsuit, what with the cash they’re making hand over fist at their various kiosks.  I’m personally eager to see how this plays out!