TiVo to Introduce Important UI Refresh

Is TiVo getting ready for the future? Are we going to see new products emerge in the near futures? Well TiVo is certainly looking forward to make some important changes to its current user interface. And in order to keep up with current times maybe a UI refresh is just what TiVo needed.

TiVo designs and develops Flash Lite applications. It’s all about balancing user experience, technical capability and time-to-market. Easy? No, but we make it look that way for our customers. If you’ve shipped large and complex Flash applications (preferably on an embedded system), we’d like to talk to you.

And, as you can clearly see, TiVo is looking for someone good with flash applications. If you’re the guy for the job and you have just found out about TiVo’s intentions drop us a line.

via TiVo Blog