Thodio A-BOX ammobox speaker

You are sure to get blown away at the very first look of the A-BOX ammobox speaker, the latest addition to the Thodio arsenal. If you are looking for a rugged speaker then you will be in luck to own this exclusive speaker built using an original ammobox. Confined in an ammobox with a design from the fifties, the speaker assures that you enjoy quality sound.

Made of 1mm steel plate fortified, the speaker is available in two versions. The lighter version comes with 2 x 25 watts rms amplifier and woven glass fiber speakers, while the heavy version sports 2 x 70 watts amplifiers and woven kevlar speakers. Both the version has 6mm trespa inside with vibration dampening material. For connecting additional audio source, the speaker offers one 3.5mm jack.

Both the lighter and heavy versions of the A-BOX ammobox speaker are available at Euro 250 and Euro 350, respectively.