The Worlds Weirdest USB Drives


How would you feel if you get to use delicious looking USB Drives? All USB Drives that are generally found look the same. But these are something different and worth buying. This is because they may make your mouth water. These look most interesting in its sushi, grilled bacon, watermelon, cabbage, cake, pastries, cookies, strawberry and silly designs. The thumb drives which looks exactly like a freshly-cut human thumb, with nail and all, can shock anyone at the first sight. To make your boring work fun, these will surely be brilliant things. 

These drives come with diminutive dimensions and therefore, are easy to work with. You can find these Weirdest USB Drives with 4 GB or 8 GB storage capacity. Prices of these Drives range between $28 and $40 which you can use as gift to your friends too.