The Solar-Powered Speaker Strap Concept

If you like listening to music while jogging, hiking or enjoying other outdoor activities, it can be frustrating dealing with all the noise of things happening around you. Unfortunately, that little set of headphones for your iPod probably wasn’t designed to cancel outside noise and cranking up the volume eventually takes its toll on your ears anyway. But there might be a better option for you and it’s called the Uplink Audio Strap System.

Currently, it’s just a design concept but it will be equipped with four ultrasound speakers for delivering a better audio experience with your favorite tracks than regular headphones. This conceptual device is designed to work with a cellphone, enabling you to send and take calls and receive spoken, navigational instructions from a GPS as well. The Uplink Audio Strap System is also packing flexible solar panels, which saves you money on batteries and they can charge your other personal, electronic devices too. Thus, this device will be your answer to dealing with outside noise, assuming, of course that it actually becomes available as a real product in the consumer market.