The Gateway FX6800-01e Desktop

The Gateway FX6800-01e Desktop is the latest entry in the desktop world. This barrier breaking gaming and media workhorse comes equipped with the latest quad-core Intel Core i7-920 Processor. Not only this, it comes featuring the 64-bit version of Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

Incorporating speedy DDR2 RAM with 3GB capacity and ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics, this new desktop provides you with seamless graphic output along with amazing animation. Use the new The Gateway FX6800-01e Desktop and enjoy the next generation of viewing with a single cable to transmit uncompressed high-definition video to your digital television.

The new Gateway FX6800-01e Desktop comes with a 15-in-01 Media Card Reader and a Smart Copy Button that helps you to transfer video and photos from your digital camera. With this desktop, you also get a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Via: Gateway