The Emotional Seat

Here is something that people who want some spunk in their homes when enjoying their entertainment systems. Apparently, the Emotional Seat can help spice up your viewing pleasure, catered to the type of emotion of the movie you are watching.

Equipped with multimedia effects, the “emotion seat” lets you enjoy a real movie experience based on emotions. A bit technical name for this state-of-the-art chair is 4-D/5-D Magic Event Cinema. It combines thrilling computer-animated and live-action 3-D/4-D films with excellently designed additional special 4-D/5-D effects, thereby enriching the audience with an experience never imagined before.

The company’s film technique creates fantastic 3-D effects and animations, combined with special elements such as air blasts, mist, fog, snowfall, storm effects, thunder, leg tickler, spider effects, seat vibration and 5-D effect flower/fog/fire smell to take the audience on a remarkable cinematic journey.

This whole process is complemented by 8-channel digital surround sound. The emotion seat is not just another typical multimedia chair. While sitting on it, the viewer is not only watching the movie, but they are part of it.

(Source) ACR